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Nightmare was born a poor black child in Mississippi. A son of a sharecropper, who’s only crop was argyle. He found his love of radio by listening to a crystal set made from the broken pieces of a comet that flew over during the great Argyle hiatus of 1998.

His love of attention comes from his sun sign of Leo. If he isn’t the center of attention in the room then he is standing outside. That and he doesn’t believe in astrology. Doing what he does best is all he is good at. So sit back, have a listen, a laugh and be prepared to get a bit upset as Nightmare does something that few can do….Use comedy and common sense, to entertain the masses.

OH and he is really a old white guy…just saying is all.

My skill set is diverse and spans a vast spectrum of talent.

I am the product of two loving parents who instilled a renowned Midwest work ethic into me at an early age. My mother is the polar opposite of the quintessential “enabler.” For instance, my first task as a youth was laundry. My dad made a little stool for me to stand on so I could reach the knobs on the washing machine. I was four. Next came mowing the lawn.  As a “big kid” this job was handed to me at the ripe age of six. Needless to say, I have now been working for 36 years — in one fashion or another.

My more recent talents include the following: Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Event Planning, Trade Show Development, Ideation, Photography, OSHA approved Fork Lift Training Instructor, Fork Lift driver, Installer, Bartender, Doorman, Bouncer, Screen Printer, Screen Printing Press Operator, On-Air Radio Personality, Commercial Ad Writer, Networking Rainmaker, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Shade Tree Mechanic, Unlicensed Massage Therapist, Great Listener, Out of the Box/Across the Street/Up a Tree Thinker, Lifter of Heavy Things, Cowboy, Ranch Hand, Fence Fixer, Ditch Digger, and Philosopher.

Some of the companies I have sold to, or helped managed their projects are; Sirius Satellite Radio, Craftsman, Bed Bath and Beyond, Radio Shack, Klipsch Speakers, Bahama Telecommunications, Sears the Great Indoors, Nebraska Furniture Mart,  and Marshall Fields.