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Big Dick always creates an environment of tasteless innuendos and quick one-liners, handing down his talent, or curse, to his son, a son with a dry rub recipe who dreams of sharing it with the world. These two have come together to form Big Dick’s Dry Rub Co., a truly tasteless name for a truly tasty rub. They always say if you are going to go into business for yourself, do what you love. Well we love to BBQ and we love to make people laugh.

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Our focus is to create unique portraiture that reflects the personality of the subject. We pride ourselves in our bright, vibrant color images and our timeless black and whites. If you’re looking for cookie-cutter family portrait “line-ups” or silly, cliche’ wedding photos, we are not the studio for you. If you want something timeless, unique or quirky, we can help!


For the first time in 150 years the First family of Cloud County is opening up their rich farm land to a select group of outdoorsmen, and is taking applications for semi-guided hunting privileges for some of the best Whitetail, Pheasant, and Wild Turkey hunting in the state.


Hawg Clips are designed for the long trip rider and the rider who finds any reason (no matter how short the trip) to ride his motorcycle. They help keep the items that you need right at hand – right where you can reach them. Hawg Clips will hold anything that has a belt clip on it. So whether it is a cell phone, cup holder, IPOD or anything you can think up. Hawg Clips will keep it safe and available.